it’s a mystery

dreaming and remembering

why is it such a thing?

who are we really and where DO we go when we sleep?

As my honey was drifting off to sleep last night he started to make noises (which he’s usually a pretty quiet sleeper) and it got me to wondering  about this place we go to when we sleep.

Is it our other reality?    the other planes of our existence ?  And if soo, then why can’t we recall or reenter @ will?

heart in the piñon

heart in the piñon


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One Response to “it’s a mystery”

  1. canadiangosling Says:

    Hey thank you for the help– I really liked your suggestion. I was wondering if the trees and sky were too distracting; I always appreciate more expert opinions than my own.

    Beautiful Etsy shop by the way. Your photographs are all so delightfully dreamy (as is the theme of the above post).


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