roadtrip…… long overdue

rachael wondering

rachael wondering

all the way from san cristobal, new mexico…….. down sur to ALBQ,     back up norte to Durango…………. Yeah!!

My daughter is coming,

well actually she’s going.

Going up to Durango, CO to move her little brother up norte w/ her and her older brother.  I haven’t seen her in two years and thats  waaaaaayyyyyyy too long not to look at and kiss and hug your only hita.  Here’s a picture of her that I took when she was about 6,  I think.    She was just getting over a mild case of chicken pox and getting kind of antsy to get back to school with her friends.   But she knew that was coming so in the meantime . . .

she was quiet

I’ll tell you, when I took pictures of this little girl growing up, this little person,  it was such a beautiful experience in itself.

She always did and she still does have a quality that just glows.  Catching her in those moments was pure sweetness.  It was  what every mama- photographer could hope for.

Sweet Pea,  when you read this, just know that.


just had to share,   (( <:


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2 Responses to “roadtrip…… long overdue”

  1. Rick Says:

    Nice portrait. You really captured the lighting well, and a nice, understated, emotional moment.


  2. gabriel Says:

    i like your pics..:)..
    this is why i voted you ..:)


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